The Humana Health and Well-being Assessment

An extra layer of healthcare delivered straight to your home

Humana’s Health and Well-being Assessment brings a trusted, licensed medical professional to the comfort and privacy of your own home for a complete review of your overall health—at no extra cost to you.


About the Health and Well-being Assessment

The  Health and Well-being Assessment is part of what Humana calls human care. This means it’s part of connecting with our members on a deeper, whole-person level to get answers to your health questions and make sure you get what you need for your best health.

Well-being assessments like this one may help give extra support for your health goals. It offers you another layer of care on top of your annual physical or wellness visit with your doctor, with some unique advantages.



Support for your overall health in the comfort of your own home



Our licensed medical professionals come directly to you



Chat one-on-one for up to an hour about ways to maintain or achieve your health goals

Discover the Humana Health and Well-being Assessment

The assessment uses trusted medical professionals who can deliver personalized answers to your most important health questions.


Dedicated and personalized care focused solely on you and your health


The assessment supports both you and your doctor. Since it is a relaxed conversation, the medical professional has the chance to discuss and explain details that may be left out of a routine doctor’s visit.


Take the time to talk about how to achieve your health goals and how to maintain them. A caregiver is welcome to join you for the assessment so they can see how it works and how it can help you.


The medical professional comes to you, so there is no travel time and no sitting in a waiting room.


All medical professionals follow current CDC guidelines for screenings, vaccinations and protective equipment. This can help limit your exposure to health risks such as COVID-19 or the seasonal flu.

Clinician and visit quality

Humana has strict requirements and policies to ensure that each clinical vendor complies with state and federal laws, rules and regulations, as well as Humana’s organization and accreditation standards.  

Working with your primary care provider 

 One way the Humana Health and Well-being Assessment maintains quality of care is by providing your Primary Care Provider (PCP) with a summary of the visit and the results of any tests done during the assessment. This allows PCPs to review your health information and collaborate with our clinical vendors. 

 Clinician credentialing 

Our vendor partners are audited before their services are contracted and they are re-evaluated each year to ensure they are maintaining quality.  

In addition, all vendor clinicians must be credentialed prior to working with Humana†. This requirement is verified by Humana’s own credentialing team. Clinicians must be recredentialed every three years. 

Humana offers this service to members as part of their plan at no additional cost. Your Humana plan includes one assessment per calendar year. The assessment is not meant to replace an Annual Wellness Visit with your doctor and it does not affect your plan rates or benefits.*

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